End of lease repairs

Handing back your vehicle?

When you return your leased vehicle, you will be charged for repairing any cosmetic damage. This applies to both the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. These charges are often excessive and they are also levied after you have returned the car, leaving you in a poor position to challenge them.

We can provide you with a one stop shop to fix all the cosmetic damage to your car, potentially saving you hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds.

Whether you’ve got some minor dents, a cigarette burn in the upholstery, a couple of kerbed alloys, a little scratch – or all of these – we can repair them all to an industry standard to help you avoid being charged for the damage.

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One-stop shop

If you just have minor issues, one of our mobile technicians can resolve this at your home or work. If you have several areas of extensive damage, we would carry out the repairs at our premises in Leeds.

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Save money

Our charges are based on the actual physical damage rather than the “menu” of damage that leasing companies typically use. We repair and restore, rather than replacing, to save you time and money.

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Get a free, quick and easy quote to repair the cosmetic damage to your vehicle today! Choose whether you’d like us to come to you or if you’d prefer to visit our Leeds based repair workshop and we’ll do the rest!

If you are a dealership looking for emergency or regular repair work, please complete the form on our dedicated dealership repair service page, thank you.

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